Lesson learned: Never get a flu shot before the race. (perhaps just avoid flu shot)

The story start two days ago, i went for flu shot, apparently it is highly recommended especially if you work at hospital, which my lab is located at the UW hospital. So yesterday i was late to work, could not get off the bed and the scheduled 10 miler in the morning changed to 3 very slow commute (it felt hard even think about 10 miler). As the day progresses, felt my body temp is a little high, went to pick up new racing singlet at noon (4.5 miler felt like forever). ShXX, tomorrow's race gonna be bad!!! After consult my friends, doctors, realized it has something to do with the reaction from FLU shot. Normally takes couple of days to feel normal again. Anyway, I thought this coming race going to be a training run and a learning lesson. 

Bridle Trail 2017

Bridle trail is my backyard. I have run so many loops there since I moved to Seattle area (about 2 years). It is 0.8 miles from my house and I used this local trail to train 50 miler over 6000 feet elevation gain for an epic 50 miler trail race (white river endurance run) last year.

I have run this winter 10miler race for 3 continues years, from 2015, 2016, to 2017, the time of 1:09:17. 1:08:40 (CR), 1:07:38 respectiverly. Over 1 min PR from last year out of near 100 mile week (93 mile) is a big step forward especially when i am experiencing some lower leg and foot issues.  Although 2015 and 2016  gave me the win but this year was not enough to keep the win. I was 30"  off the new course records (winning time 1:07:11).

I like to use this race as an end of year fitness test: starting LT for the next training cycle, injury check, also to check my recovery from year around marathon training. In the past two years, I have run marathons either at the end of Nov. (Seattle Marathon 2015) or (CIM 2016) so the timing almost identical and the phase of training also very similar, so it adds the value for comparison.

It has been for about one week, I felt tight and pain on my left foot especially in the morning, it may have been caused by the speed workout last weekend. I run 400x20+5X200 repeats on sub 0C with track spikes, and on Wednesday another cold temp speed workout made it a little worse. I think too much stress and reduced tendon plasticity of the feet with the cold weather make it even tougher for recovery. To be honest, I am worried about the PF coming back (which has been bother me for 6+ month last year), so a little unknown before the race.